A commission advance facility allows real estate agents the ability to smooth out their cash flow by bridging the gap between a property sale and settlement. Accessing your pending commissions immediately can help alleviate the stress of managing your finances.

A commission advance facility is not a loan – it simply provides you with early access to the sales commissions you’ve already earned.

Creating a commission advance facility with Commission Flow is a straightforward and easy process. Simply complete our 5-minute online application form and upload some basic information.

The On-Boarding Team at Commission Flow will then process the application, send you our standard commission assignment agreements to sign and activate your free online commission advance account.

Applications received will be processed the same business day, providing you with immediate access to pending commission entitlements.

By working with hundreds of agencies, we receive similar questions regarding the ins and outs of a commission advance facility. We have listed below some of the common questions and responses:

–       Do I need a credit score and background check? – Applying for a commission advance facility doesn’t require any credit checks and it will not impact on your credit score in any way.

–      Are there any holdbacks or reserves? – at Commission Flow we do not apply a holdback or reserve. Our Members are free to access 100% of their commission entitlements payable at settlement.

–       What is the Advance Period? – Access funds up to 120 days ahead of settlement.

–       Are there Mandatory Volumes or fixed numbers? – At Commission Flow, our service is driven by our Members. Members decide how, when and how much. We would rather you have the freedom to use our service as and when you need it.

Real estate can be an unpredictable industry – regardless of size, most agencies experience a working capital gap from time to time.

With a commission advance facility, you’re protected if your commissions due don’t line up with bills and other financial commitments.

Do you have any questions we haven’t covered above? Let us know if you have any questions about creating a commission advance facility below, and we will answer them for you.


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Nathan Simpson

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