Real Estate Case Study for commission advance

Sometimes, it can take a series of negative customer experiences to trigger a change. Our clients aren’t necessarily looking for a better solution to their cash flow woes – more so they become disgruntled with the inflexibility and constraints of dealing with a faceless lender.

Common issues with bank lending

Based in Melbourne, a family run real estate agency with over 20 years’ experience had a long-term relationship and overdraft arrangement with a major bank.  Although to begin with, the overdraft facility was serving the needs of the agency, the owner was beginning to feel more constricted by the rigid nature of the overdraft, now that the business was growing.

A lengthy application process and ongoing administration was not something that the agent ever had time for. Nevertheless, as the business required more financial investment to support its growth, a new overdraft limit had to be applied for, again and again.  Another common frustration with the current overdraft facility was that the bank staff didn’t really understand the needs of his real estate business. They had no idea how real estate worked, nor did they really care.

The tip of the iceberg

The day came when the Bank Manager was relocated to another branch and was subsequently replaced by someone new. Despite the number of years the real estate agent had been loyal to the bank, he was asked to re-submit application papers, in order to keep the overdraft facility open.

Shocked at this, the agent soon started looking around to see what other cash flow finance options were open to him. There had been one too many incidents like this and it was time to look for a modern day cash flow solution that would provide him with much more than an injection of cash.

A flexible and friendly approach to cash flow finance

After a little online research, the agent stumbled across Commission Flow, a refreshingly new proposition and alarmingly simple process. That same morning, the agent had already completed the paperwork and was pre-approved by lunchtime to receive same-day advance commission – as and when he exchanged an unconditional contract. That afternoon, the first funds had been deposited into his bank account.

Overwhelmed by the efficiency and personalised service offered by the team at Commission Flow, the agent is now a regular client, enjoying a close working relationship with the team. When asked what makes the Commission Flow proposition so special, he commented:

“I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to gain access to advance commission.  To think I’ve wasted so many hours and so much energy on dealing with the bank – when I could have been focusing on growing my agency.  I’d definitely recommend Commission Flow to other agents. Not only are they reliable, they also understand my business and therefore are more flexible to the ongoing change in my cash flow finance.”

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