happy real estate sales team

How well do you know your employees? Are they happy at your agency? Do they have an enthusiastic approach to their work and give it their all? You may not know the answers to these questions because you’re so busy running your real estate agency. However, that doesn’t make it any less important to find out.

When your employees are engaged and passionate about their job, they will work to a higher standard. When they feel appreciated and a sense of purpose and pride in what they do. All this effects how smoothly and profitable your agency runs, so it’s worth your while to ensure your staff are happy.

Here are a few suggestions to help boost staff engagement levels in your workplace:

Involve all staff

When employees are approached for their input on company issues and decision-making, it gives them a sense of value and responsibility, and they’re more likely to want to see your agency succeed. Feeling like a valued member of the team stirs up motivation and can be great for morale.

Welcome ideas

Don’t wait for meetings to rack the brains of your employees – why not set up an ‘ideas board’ or suggestion box so they can give their two cents worth when the mood strikes? If you wait until the next time you’re congregated in the board room – which may be a month away – chances are they’ll have forgotten all about the genius idea they had. By allowing their input at all times, you may end up with some really bright and innovative suggestions for your agency.


To ensure your employees are working to the level that is expected of them, it’s important they’re aware of what that level actually is. Communication is essential to have everyone on the same page; this way staff will have a full understanding of your expectations and the goals that you’re all working towards as a team.

Bonus with a twist

We’ve all heard of sales-related bonuses, but what about other KPIs, or staff members outside the sales realm? One way to keep all employees performing to the highest of standards, is to reward them for outstanding performance in important aspects of their job. For example, customer service is essential for any agency, so recognising when an employee receives praise from a client is well worth it in the long run.

Staff development

For the sake of your agency’s future and the tenure of your employees, staff development is vital – but an area often overlooked. Learning and growing within the industry you’ve chosen is important, and without it, work life can become stagnant.

Take the time to find out where your employees are at and if there’s any training they can do to broaden their knowledge. This will keep them engaged and open up new possibilities for them to move up the ranks within your agency. It pays to think about the future and not just the ‘here and now’.

Turn the appraisal tables

It’s easy to think you’re doing a stellar job, but who is going to challenge you when you’re the boss? An idea to gain feedback about your own performance is to get your staff to appraise you. Find out what they think you’re doing well, and areas that could do with a little improvement. This could help you be a better boss and put you in your employees’ shoes. Empathy goes a long way in all aspect of life.

Employees are an asset to any business. Ensuring they’re passionate, appreciated and motivated is the key to a successful team.  If you’d like some more advice, contact us on 1800 003 569.

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