We know that same-day commission payments for your real estate agency might seem too good to be true. That’s why we’ve created a page of answers to frequently asked questions, so that you can see just how simple and stress-free it is to come on board as a Commission Flow member and put your mind at rest about cash flow.

We’ve got years of experience in real estate, so our service is based on a long history of substantial insight into the day-to-date problems and frustrations of real estate agencies. Our FAQs are based on a combination of our own knowledge and the questions we get asked time and time again by real estate owners about advance commission payments.

What our Advance Commission FAQs cover:

• The simple process of same-day commission payments
• Typical timeframe and scope for cash advancement
• Our commitment to cash flow discretion, privacy and confidentiality
• What happens in the event your sale falls through
• Tax deductibility of advance commission payments
• Qualifying transactions for advance commission
• Repayment of advance commission
• The benefits of working with Commission Flow

Plus more! Read our FAQs now to read up on all you need to know.

Could your real estate agency use same-day commission payments to ease the stress of cash flow? Let us help.