2013 has been a big year for Commission Flow. We thought that we couldn’t let the year pass by without some reflection. No matter what business you’re in, it’s good practice to step back and look at everything you’ve achieved over the past months.

In business, it’s not always plain sailing. Especially with a sector like real-estate – the property market is volatile, waiting for commission is frustrating and competing with other real estate brands can feel like an on-going battle. It’s our view that the greater the effort, the greater the reward.

Our mission to give real estate agencies freedom to grow

At Commission Flow, our mission to serve real estate agents lies at the heart of everything we do. During 2013, we’ve implemented some key initiatives to ensure we keep striving to achieve what we promised.

Same-day Commission Advance

We set out to provide a refreshingly simple and stress-free advance commission service and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered. Read up on some of our client testimonials which we’ve put on the homepage, or cast your eyes over a recent advance commission case study.

Expansion into Melbourne and Brisbane

In working towards our mission, we’ve been working hard to expand the business, so that we can serve real estate agents across the country.  During 2013, we’ve complemented our Sydney HQ with additional locations in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Additional cash flow support for real estate agencies

We know that cash flow uncertainty doesn’t stop at commission. That’s why we’ve built on our commission advance services and extended our cash flow support services to rental and strata payments too.  This year, we were proud to bring you StrataFLOW and RentFLOW.

Designed for property and strata management agencies, both services are designed to eliminate the frustrating cash flow problems that result from waiting until month-end to draw on management fees and quarterly strata payments. The principles are the same as our commission advance arrangement. Convenient, stress-free access to cash flow for your real estate agency, when you need it most.

The Commission Flow Blog

Each and every week, the team at Commission Flow chooses a topic that’s important to you – and we write up a blog post about it.  We’re told by our clients that our blog is now their go-to resource for real estate tips and strategies that can be implemented quickly into everyday business.  We hope that our blog becomes your go-to resource too.

It’s been a wonderfully rewarding year for the team at Commission Flow. Mainly because of how we’ve grown and achieved more and more on behalf of real estate agencies that we work with.

Our efforts this year have been rewarded with immense satisfaction and an abundance of positive feedback.   Whilst we love great feedback about our same-day commission service, and on the more recent introduction of additional services such as StrataFLOW and RentFLOW – we’re always looking to see how we can better service real estate agents. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback – we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch.

We’d like to finish by wishing our clients, partners, colleagues and friends a fabulous Christmas and a prosperous 2014! See you in January.