commission advance vs bank overdraft

Advanced commission is a flexible, no-fuss cash flow solution for real estate businesses looking to spend less time worrying about the figures and more time growing their business. A refreshing alternative to the rigid conditions of an overdraft facility, advance commission is saving real estate agency owners a whole world of stress and worry.

But what makes advance commission such an attractive proposition, when compared with the traditional overdraft facility? Here are the headline differentiators:

Advance commission is simple and efficient

Applying for an overdraft facility with your bank can be an arduous process to begin with. Even after you’ve secured the overdraft, it’ set at a pre-determined limit. If your cash flow needs change, you’re either stuck with a limit that doesn’t meet your cash flow needs – or another round of paperwork to deal with.

At Commission Flow, we don’t impose an application process each time you’d like an advance on your commission. We have a one-off simple pre-approval process that means once you’ve joined us, there’s no need to re-apply next time.

Advance commission is a safer way to borrow

Advance commission arrangements are directly linked to the sales you have closed. That means, you’ve got the peace of mind that you’re safeguarded from borrowing beyond your means. Unlike an overdraft, you’ll receive the advance commission as and when you’re in a position to receive it.

Consequently, you don’t need to worry about debt spiralling out of control and you can enjoy the benefits of a cash flow arrangement that grows as your agency grows.

Deal with people who understand real estate

Unlike a traditional overdraft facility or loan, you get to deal with people who really understand your real estate business and the ongoing problems you face on a daily basis. That way, you can be sure that the service that you’ll receive it tailored to your needs and empathetic too.

Traditional, faceless lenders don’t understand (or even care) about how and why you need an injection of cash into your business. With advance commission, you gain the additional benefits of professionally managed credit control – so that you can maintain focus on doing what you love and selling property.

Advance commission won’t let you down

Banks always reserve the right to cancel your overdraft facility within days. Although not a frequent occurrence, we’ve witnessed first-hand many companies who have been financially crippled because their liquidity has been sucked out of the business with very little notice.

The very nature of advance commission means that effectively the money belongs to your agency anyway – you’re just getting it sooner, rather than later.

Advance commission has no link to your bank

An advance commission arrangement is completely separate to the relationship you have with your bank.  Therefore, if your bank refuses to offer you an overdraft facility or short-term loan, you don’t need to worry about running out of options.

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