Real estate business owners are constantly trying to think of new ways to increase their company profile and boost the productivity of their staff. They offer incentives, promotions and competitions just to name a few. The majority of these will work, but they have short-lived success.

Few business owners are aware of a simpler solution that provides long-term success – redecorating the office.

Your real estate agents are likely to spend a significant amount of time in the office making calls, drawing up contracts and searching for leads. If they feel unmotivated and unproductive when they’re in the office, think about how this is going to reflect on your agency as a whole.

An office makeover has a number of benefits you may not have realised, and they reach well beyond simply looking good. 

You’ll attract top talent

No matter what industry you’re in, nobody wants to work in a run down, dingy office that was last decorated in the 70s. Having a well-styled office space improves the retention of your current staff and makes your agency appealing to potential new agents.

Staff like to feel like they belong, and office design plays an important role in creating that sense of fitting in. When staff walk into a space and feel happy and valued, they put a lot more effort into their work.

Your clients find you more approachable

A sophisticated, stylish office sends a completely different message to your clients than that of a tired, old office. In the same way that your personal appearance affects the first impression you give people, the appearance of your office creates a similar first impression.

If clients can see that you have modern and current office fittings, they rightly assume that you are proud of your business, you value your business enough to invest in the office environment, and that you’re running a successful business. That’s the kind of business they want to engage with.

When your offices are light and bright, have comfortable furniture and appear welcoming, you’re also more likely to get extra foot traffic popping in for a visit.

You’ll create a positive culture

Good design has a significant impact on the team’s culture. The key is to make the office communal and friendly, almost like a home away from home.

When you’re styling your new office, think about comfortable and ergonomic furniture, noise and privacy, the ease of communication, lighting, temperature and air quality.

Having a communal kitchen that is inviting encourages your staff to interact with one another and have a chat. Providing little extras like a coffee machine and healthy snacks go a long way to enhance that positive culture.

You’ll increase productivity

If your new office layout allows your staff to concentrate easily, work in teams without being interrupted, choose where to work and feel a sense of belonging, then you’ve ticked all the boxes.

One simple way to boost productivity is to let in some natural light. Studies have shown that workers who receive natural light sleep better, and when they are well rested, they make better decisions at work.

Another feature to consider is standing desks. There is ample evidence to show that standing desks are an ideal way to increase productivity in the work place, and major companies like Facebook and Google offer their staff stand up desks. Stand up desks are better for our health, and a healthy worker is less likely to be absent from work

Convinced that a modern office is beneficial?

When you start planning a new office layout, there are a few different options you can consider that all provide different benefits.

Open plan layout: An open plan layout has desks but no walls or cubicles for privacy. This can encourage a transparent and communal working environment.

Closed office layout: A closed office is a space that has separated, enclosed rooms where staff can work privately. This works well when your staff often need to speak to their clients in private either on the phone or in person.

Hot desking: Currently seen as a big trend, hot desking allows staff to rotate their workstations rather than being allocated to a permanent station. This way, you don’t need as many desks or workstations since not all your staff will be in the office at the same time.

Investing in an office makeover can provide significant benefits for your real estate business.

If budgeting for these improvements is a concern for you, ask us how an advance commission can free up your cash flow.