should you use social media


Most businesses use some form of social media for their marketing nowadays. It’s free to use, it’s easy and doesn’t take too much time each week to keep on top of it.

But Real Estate is a type of business that thrives on personal relationships between the agents and the prospective buyers. It’s all about one-on-one interaction to form trust, so does that mean a Real Estate agency doesn’t need to bother with a social media presence? Absolutely not!

Social media is a way for people to communicate and interact online. It’s a way for brands to build trust and form a relationship with potential customers. Buying a property isn’t something that people just do on a whim (unless you’ve just won lotto!). It’s a long and arduous sales process and your prospects need to be nurtured over an extended period of time.

Social media is a perfect way for you to slowly build up that relationship over time. We’ve come up with three valuable ways you can leverage your social media, generate new business and build client loyalty.

1) Collaborate your content marketing

Collaborative marketing basically means working with others to create content for your audience. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, why not consider teaming up with your affiliate partners such as mortgage brokers, financial planners, property valuers, or even your website developer.

Together you can come up with some fresh new content in the form of guest blogs, video interviews and podcasts. Collaborating shares the efforts of content creation, and helps you reach a far wider audience that you perhaps would on your own.

2) Check out your competitors

Chances are, your competitors are trying to get the attention of the same people you are. So, you need to do some investigating and find out which social media channels your competitors are using, what types of content they’re posting and what level of engagement they’re getting.

We’re not saying that you should copy everything they’re doing, but you need to know what you’re up against before you can make your own strategic plans for your social media. In fact, if you can do something completely unique that none of your competitors are doing, you’ll be one step closer to making your agency stand out from the crowd.

3) Promoting on social media

If you’ve written a blog on how to get the absolute best price when selling your house, then this is something that your potential customers are going to want to read! If you’re not on social media, how do you let them know about it? It’s a simple copy and paste of a link that can bring in new readers and possibly new business.

Platforms like Facebook also allow you to create custom advertisements where you can target specific audiences, such as those who have visited certain pages of your website within the last 180 days. Some of these targeted ads have been known to bring in 100 positive leads in a week, for as little as a few cents per lead.

There’s no doubt that Real Estate agencies should be using social media to complement their marketing and create engagement with their customers. With a social media profile being completely free, all it’s going to take is a small amount of your time each day to check in and respond to any comments or enquiries. Having a social media presence allows you to carry out conversational marketing with prospective leads, which inevitably builds trust, new leads and new business.