“A picture paints a thousand words”, and stunning real estate photography has the power to make or break the efforts of your marketing campaign.

Excellent presentation and high quality property images are vital for making a good first impression that gets potential buyers excited.

In the USA, more than 80% of buyers will browse properties online as their initial searching method, and the statistics for Australia are thought to be similar. It’s the quality of the photography, more than anything else, that convinces them to view the property in person or keep looking.

Listings with professional real estate photos taken by a photographer who specialises in real estate will generally sell more quickly and for a higher sale price. That’s a very good reason to enlist the services of a professional!


A great real estate photographer is able to see the property in a completely different perspective than that of the agent or the owner. They will make the most of property styling, and often include this in their photography packages.

They can determine the home’s best selling points, identify the key rooms and work out the best features and angles for each shot.

They will style each shot for the perfect composition, and will even scout the property beforehand. This involves visiting the property at various times of the day to see when the natural sunlight is at its best, and taking sample shots to analyse the home’s exposure.


Post-production editing of the photos involves choosing the right images to use and enhancing them. A photographer will find the right balance of enhancements so the house looks its best without deceiving buyers.

Colours will be enriched, exposure will be perfected and the image will generally be touched up so they look amazing.

Tips for getting the best results

Whilst real estate photographers can create exceptional photographs, they can’t work miracles.

Here are some tips that can enhance the presentation of your home so the photos taken are the best they can possibly be.

  1. Before the photographer arrives, make sure the homeowners have tidied up the garden, removed cars from the driveway and hidden the bins.
  2. Ensure the exterior of the home has been thoroughly cleaned, including the windows, and remove cobwebs and mould buildup.
  3. Make sure all light bulbs inside and out are working, as having the lights turned on for the photo shoot creates a fabulous effect.
  4. Clean the house inside, remove clutter and personal items and tidy everything. Fewer ornaments around the house will make it look bigger.

When you’re choosing a real estate photographer to work with, look at their portfolio and make sure you’re happy with the work they’ve done before.

Developing a good relationship with a photographer is important, because they are essentially an extension of your agency. They need to be professional, easy to work with and above all, do an exceptional job.

Including professional photography as part of your client’s marketing package is a worthwhile investment. For such a large and important sale, great photography can encourage more interested buyers and help ensure you and the vendor receive the best possible sale price.