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In such a competitive business landscape, drive and innovation go a long way when trying to stay ahead of industry rivals. Ever-evolving tips and tricks are put forward to appeal to new clients and keep you on top of the real estate ladder.

But what about your existing clients? Just because you ‘signed them up’ at some stage, it doesn’t mean you have them locked in for life. It’s just as important to ensure your current clients are satisfied, as it is to attract new home movers to your agency.

Aside from anything else, having a long list of happy clients means that you’re building a base of loyal followers who talk positively about the experience they have with your agency. There’s also extensive research to show it can cost a business up to seven times more to generate new clients than it does to hold onto existing ones – that’s a pretty big incentive to keep your regulars committed!

Here are some ways you can show your current clients some TLC:

Loyalty perks

You’ll often see businesses promoting free joining fees or membership and discounts galore to try and attract new customers, but what about those who have been so loyal to you thus far? Rather than risk them feeling neglected, keep your current clients content by offering VIP deals to remind them that they’re appreciated.

Be seen and heard

Shopping around has never been easier with 24/7 internet access to anything and everything and there’s a growing plethora of choices for home buyers.  It’s key that you stay in their ‘evoked set’. That means you spring to mind when they think of their next move. To do this, you’ll need to stay visible to them. Whether that’s by email, signage boards, community activities or advertising.

Don’t let them forget about you – be seen and heard. Utilise marketing tools to stay in touch with clients and keep your agency at the forefront of their mind. Social media and email marketing is a great way to remain a relevant choice, convey what’s new and also what you can do for them. SEO is vital to maintain your search engine visibility so if they are tempted to shop around, you’re still present and accessible.

Customer service is the key

Remind your clients why they first did business with you. Show them the value they receive from allowing you to handle their purchase, and prove that they’re getting what they pay for. Hire staff that will uphold your high level of customer service and have clients coming back again and again. Be competent and deliver over and above the results you promise.

Know your client

Adding a personal touch can go a long way to ensuring your clients are happy. With the automation of so many services today, it’s nice for them to feel like they’re part of something and not just a number. Find out what you can about your clients in the form of surveys, sign-up questionnaires and by paying attention. Through this, you’ll make their customer experience relevant.

Retaining your existing clientele doesn’t have to be a mean feat, just be sure not to forget about them when drumming up new business. Make them feel like the important component they are and they’re less likely to review their loyalty. After all, without your existing clients, your agency wouldn’t be where it is today.

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