be authentic in your real estate agencyWhen it takes so much time and effort to build both a strong offline and online presence for your agency, it can be tempting to cut corners and ‘borrow’ ideas from competing real estate agencies.

But in the long term, this sort of strategy simply doesn’t work. Operating in a way that’s anything other than authentic is simply not sustainable (because it isn’t the real deal). It’s also almost impossible to build credibility and reputation, because your customers don’t know who you really are.

On that note, let’s look at the compelling reasons why you should lead your agency with authenticity:

Authenticity builds trust

Whether in business or your personal life,being authentic is a fast route to building trust. If your clients believe you are being genuine, they’re more likely to trust you with the sale of their property.

No-one likes a pushy salesman who inflates expectations, only to not to deliver the goods later down the track. The buying and selling of a property is a highly emotional (and stressful) process for most, so there’s no better way to win more business, than instilling unwavering trust.

Authenticity gains respect

Being authentic wins the respect of those around you, because you have the integrity and confidence to stay true to your values as a real estate agent.Let’s take blog content as an example. If you publish your own ideas, thoughts and advice through your agency’s blog – and that content is genuine, honest and 100% yours – you are essentially positioning yourself as an expert in the field.

On the other hand, if you decide to pinch ideas, this will have a complete counter-effect on what you’re trying to achieve.As soon as your followers begin to realise they’re reading someone else’s ideas, you’ve lost them forever. The same goes for every area of business. Who would you rather deal with – a thought leader or a follower?

Authenticity allows consistency

If your agency is built on authenticity –your agency’s approach to customer service, your processes and your staff, are more likely to be fully aligned with your authentic brand. If you change approach or personality every month, your customers won’t know what’s going on. Their experience with you will be dis-jointed and every touch-point will raise questions, rather than reassure them you’re the agency to trust.

In relation to marketing material and your online ‘voice’, being authentic means that your communications will be consistent. If you’re not stealing ideas and content, your voice will remain the same across your website, blog content, printed brochures, flyers and contracts too. So, by the time your client has been on your website, read a couple of blog posts, met one of your agents and read a sales brochure – they know exactly who you are.

Authenticity leads to referrals

And thus, we get to the holy grail of business growth. Referrals are the single most important piece of marketing for your agency. By being authentic in your promises, you’re more likely to deliver on them, and subsequently, please those you deal with.  There’s no better fuel for word-of-mouth.

Added to that the rise of social media as a mechanism for reviews, feedback and referrals from friends and colleagues – there is even more scope for bringing in business here. The important bit, is delighting your customers so much, that you’re the first real estate agency that springs to mind when their neighbour asks around for a good agent.

If you’d like to keep reading up on our thoughts and opinions on running a successful real estate agency, take a look at more blog posts. Or, if you’d like more personal advice (advance commission related or otherwise), don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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